This main section gathers basic knowledge about home networks. First and foremost the information is centered around IP addressing, Routing and how network communication works using some analogies from the real world. Before we talk more in depth about those and other subjects, these are the bits that you must understand before moving on. Simply put the basics of computer networks.

Of course, you could really start anywhere in this guide, and you could just as well learn more about Switching before you learn anything about Routing. However from experience, we know that when most people come in contact with networks they often start with IP addresses and functionality in their home routers. Therefore, this would be the obvious starting point in the guide. After all, most people with an Internet connection have a router at home.

Home Router with Wi-Fi

That is why we have chosen to put together a number of basic topics under this section. After reading through the whole section, you will at least somewhat understand the roles of computers and routers on the network and which parts of a network that are required for you to be able to browse the Internet from your computer.

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