Webshop & Licensing

The content of this website is free of charge for personal use. But we know that many people like to obtain a physical copy or want to have a copy downloaded for offline reading. Therefore we have made the material available in PDF format to those who want a copy of their own.

Any commercial or professional use of the material requires a license. Please see below for more details.

Homenet Howto in PDF format

We have compiled the contents of these web pages into a PDF material in A4 format which you can buy and download. The PDF contains all of the material on www.homenethowto.com including both the texts and the pictures, for a total of 147 pages. It has been somewhat edited with a text flow that is more suitable to the leaflet format. The PDF does not contain advertising or DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection of any kind.

You can pay for your order with a debit or credit card through Paypal, with or without a Paypal account. Simply choose to pay with a card instead of signing into Paypal if you do not have a Paypal account.

Once you have purchased the material an email containing your receipt and a download link will be delivered to the email address you entered.


Commercial use and licensing

The material, both online and in the PDF leaflet, is available for commercial use. It is well suited for courses and classes that introduce networking concepts and does so from a perspective that is familiar to most participants.

The material could be handed out to students or employees as a self-study material, or could form the main curriculum in Computer Network Basics training classes.

Any form of commercial or professional use requires that each participant obtains a license for the material. This includes, but is not limited to, anybody who receives a PDF copy of the material or who is using the material via the web pages as part of a course or within a professional setting. Any instructor-led training that is based on the material is also covered by the license requirement, where a license must be obtained for each participant regardless of whether or not the participant receives a physical copy of the material.

A license can be obtained by buying a copy of the PDF leaflet. The license model is primarily based on a gentleman’s agreement, where we simply trust you and your organisation to obtain the correct amount of low-cost licenses based on how many people that use or access the material.

Perhaps you would like to make the material available to a bigger group of people, for example all of your employees or every student in a higher education? Then please contact us to discuss possible commercial licensing options!

Please also note that the license does not permit you to make any derivative work based on the material. If you want to create such derivative work (for example by re-branding the material to fit your corporate design templates) feel free to contact us to discuss possible solutions.