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This website aims to explain how computer networks work. It does so from the perspective of a typical home network that most people are familiar with. But the concepts that are taught here apply just as well for large networks.

The website collects the basic knowledge that is required to understand how computer networks and network communication works. By knowing how a network normally behaves, it is also much easier to figure out why things sometimes aren’t working the way they should.

Homenet Howto is meant to be fairly easy to understand. It should not require any specific skills other than basic computer knowledge. If you ever wanted to tinker with your home network or wondered how something network related works, then this website is for you!

I use pictures and diagrams throughout the text to explain the topics. Here are a few examples from various sections of the website:

Some sections cover a lot of information. I have tried to keep the text as simple as possible. My goal is to present each topic by first building a foundation that is then expanded step by step with more advanced knowledge.

The sections of the web page are written in succession and follow the order of the top menu. You may of course read through the sections in any given order, but you will find that a few pages build upon previous pages.

Licensing and using the material

I have developed the educational material on this website in my free time as a hobby. Since June 2020 the material is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. The license permits you to share and/or adapt the material, even for commercial use, as long as this website and the author are clearly attributed.

If you find the material useful I would be most grateful if you would consider making a donation, especially if the material is used for commercial purposes. I have spent hundreds of hours writing the material, which in turn depends on thousands of hours of experience.

For more information about how you can use the material, please see the Downloads & Licensing page.

About the author

My name is Petter Österlund. I am a network architect who have been working professionally with computer networks since 2004. Have a look over at to find out more about me and my work!

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