Your guide to the home network

This website has been written as a guide to how computer networks work on a small scale such as a typical home network.

Here you will find all of the basic knowledge that is required to understand how network communication and computer networks in general function. By knowing how a network normally behaves, it is also much easier to figure out why things sometimes aren’t working the way they should.

The website is meant to be fairly easy to understand. It should not require any specific skills other than some general computer knowledge and an interest in figuring out how things work. If you ever tried to tinker with your home network or wondered how something network related works, then this website is for you!

We also use pictures and diagrams throughout the text to explain the topics. Here are a few examples from various sections of the website:

Even if each chapter covers a lot of information we have tried to keep it as simple as possible. Sometimes we have chosen to simplify things a little bit. This could be done for example by excluding more advanced parts of a subject or by moving them to later more advanced topics that you can delve into. However even when the information has been simplified it is never presented in an incorrect way.

The sections of the web page are written in succession, following the order of the top menu. You may of course read through the sections in any given order, but if you find some area that you do not completely grasp then you might have to go back to an earlier chapter to find out more about previously presented topics.

Professional or commercial use

If you are teaching a course or if you are interested in using this material within a professional setting then please first have a look at our licensing information and then contact us if required by using the contact form on the web page.

Customer Testimonials

QAT LogoIt was a pleasant surprise to deal with someone so down to earth and understanding of the varying requirements of content usage in a commercial environment. The terms and timeline for working everything out were amazing and the follow up for all the little extras have been spot on.

I would highly recommend the material from Homenet Howto to any commercial parties interested in easy to understand up to date learning materials.

– David Reid, IT Coordinator at Queensland Academy of Technology

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