Downloads & Licensing

The content of this website is made available free of charge. Many people like to obtain a copy, either for offline reading or for printouts. That’s why I have made the material available in PDF format.

Homenet Howto in PDF format

This PDF document contains all of the educational material from Homenet Howto. I have edited the material somewhat to better suit the leaflet format. The document consists of 147 pages and does not contain any advertisements. 

Download the material

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Commercial use and licensing

The educational material on this website is available for commercial use. It is well suited for courses that introduce networking concepts. The material tries to do so from a perspective that is familiar to most participants.

You could hand out the material to students or employees or it could form the main curriculum in a Computer Network Training class.

I have developed the educational material on this website as a hobby in my free time. Since June 2020 the material is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. The license permits you to share and/or adapt the material, even for commercial use, as long as this website and the author are clearly attributed.

Creative Commons-licens
Based on work at by Petter Österlund.

The following material is covered by the CC BY 4.0 license:

  • Educational text content on the website, excluding parts of the website which do not focus on providing educational content
  • Images and pictures that are used to explain concepts within the educational content
  • Material which has been made available for download on the Downloads & Licensing page.

Please consider making a donation if you find the material useful, especially if the material is used commercially. Hundreds of hours of work based on thousands of hours of experience have gone into creating this website and its contents.